Learning Resources

I have found a great web site reference for establishing yourself as a web developer. Do yourself a favor and click on the link below to visit the site. I plan to use this site to establish my Web Development business. How to Become a Web Developer.

I am taking a course, Codecademy. One of the resources I am using the most is W3schools.com. It has a complete inventory related to web site development. Everything is broken down into smaller snippets making it easy to learn and practice.

Another resource that is used quite frequently by Codecademy is MDN Web Docs.

My son is a die hard digital user. He claims 100% paper free with his work. On that note, he suggested that I start using more online resources. For that reason, I signed up to Google.com to take advantage of its online services. One common resource is Google drive to store many of my documents. I also recommend using Dropbox as a large file depository.

A resource that I found early on in my Web Development research is a Web Development Marketing bundle/kit developed by an experienced Freelancer. What is unique about this bundle is that it does not focus on the design of the web site from aesthetics only. It focuses on using the web site as a tool for generating more sales for the client. I feel comfortable with that approach to web development at this point. I consider this my second most important investment in Web Site Development after taking the course at Codecademy. Of course the next most important investment is investing in a domain to start posting my Blog – EEPhilosophy. 🙂