Web Application Workflow Resources

There is a ton of resources out there to help create web applications. The problem I faced was that all the resources were scattered and unvetted. We are left with a computer full of files, links, downloads, handwritten notes, etc.

I have not discovered one course, website, blog, YouTube Series, that properly gives you a complete workflow reference guide. I am sure web application developers have their own resources and workflow that they use to develop applications for clients, but it seems they are hesitant to share it.

In the haste to get content published and courses developed, this simple oversight is prevalent in the online learning community. Project “Web Application Workflow” is born from this frustration. This project will provide a series of pages/files/bookmarks/project to common and simple resources that can be used to create respectable web applications. These pages/files/bookmarks/projects can be imported into any of the popular web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Every month, these resources will be updated to reflect current trends and technologies in the industry of web development. What will make this project unique is the bookmarks. Until now, a comprehensive set of bookmarks have not been provided or event suggested.