About Me

I am writing a journal about my transition from a public school educator to an independent contractor in Web Site Design/Development. However, the real journey is my internal transition from defensive financial management to assertive financial and economic pursuits.

Until now, I have played a good defense again debt, poverty, crime, shame, and other issues surrounding our society. I have been successful with this strategy. My debts are low, I have an active asset (rental property) and a passive asset (my home) fully paid off. I have savings for emergencies and some extra savings that I plan to use as startup capital for investments. I am also successful in facilitating a good environment for my children to grow and develop into wonderful citizens of the global community. Lastly, I have a fantastic relationship with my wife that I will continue to develop as we move into our senior years.

During my late 20’s, I participated in three MLMs (Multilevel-Marking) businesses to acquire financial independence. I realized that I was not meant to work in a corporation with the long work hours and the short vacations. During this period of time, I was in an assertive mode for determining my future. Over time, and a series of various circumstances, I had to leave those activities and start playing defense. Now, after 30 wonderful years of incredible life experiences, I am ready to be assertive with my future again.

In order for me to be successful, I will have to change internally. I will have to start promoting myself and my products/services to other people. I need to be confident and willing to take more risks with my time and my money. I have to be prepared to accept the failures along the path to success. So the real journey is not about being a Web Developer. The real journey is to develop internally and establish myself as a happy and confident person in this life.

Cue the Rainbows and Butterflies.