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Once aspect of programming that is overlooked in language training is parsing data. Most times data has to be transmitted from one “device” to another. To be efficient, the data has to be streamed in as opposed to being sent one piece at a time. Since data can take many formats, this data has be be separated and identified (parsed).

The programming skill required to parse I believe is fundamental for any language, especially higher order languages. Even the programming file itself has to be parsed in order for another program to understand and execute its request.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) are three common coding files used in web applications that has be parsed frequently by other coding systems. The client browser is responsible for HTML and CSS, however JSON relies on a library included in JavaScript or whatever language being applied in the web application.

In our training and development of a programming language, this critical skill is given in advanced curriculums, perhaps in data management. However, I realized now that this would be a great development skills in the early stages of your programming development. A lot of good programming projects can be developed around the principles of parsing. Also, it gives you a greater understanding of how programming principles work.

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