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Deployment Training

While studying the creation and development of web applications, I noticed that there was a lack of training for the deployment of the final application. It seems that a LOT of effort went into the details of developing the application. The steps for how to package/bundle your application files and publish your application was done quickly with a lot of assumptions for the learner’s understanding.

I realize that this could be my niche area for web application training. Maybe deployment is not something that is highly recognized as a skill by web application companies. I am not certain, but I have suffered greatly in my training because of this general oversight in the online web application training community.

My first independent deployment process was through Heroku. I recommend that you start with this company. They offer a range of free deployment scenarios for different web application technologies. My first deployment was a PHP CRUD app using a Postgres database. A lot of training systems provide information on how to set up a development environment for creating and testing your web application. These training systems covers a lot of different technologies and dependencies needed to finalize your web application. From my experience, your application becomes too complex before the topic of web app deployment is introduced. Different web application deployment scenarios would be beneficial to the learning if introduced in the earlier stages of the learning process, even if it is just a simple online calculator or basic REST API search app. This experience would go a long way to help the learner to grow confident with their skills and prepare them properly to develop their portfolio for both freelance and company project work.

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