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Full Stack Options

After taking the course “Web Development” from Codecademy, I faced the unknown of “What Now?”. I have never worked in the field of web development, so I did not know what type of “work” I would be doing. I have always worked for a company since graduating from college. All of my tasks has been prescribed.

I realized that upon completing the course, I can enter the work field as a Web Site Developer (Front End) or a Web App Developer (Back End). I have decided to do both (Full Stack). I will ensure that all of my clients web sites have some kind of app feature that would be useful for their customers to add value.

So what is the difference between a web site and a web application? That is what I am researching now. I am surveying all of the web sites that I have a link to and started determining from my experience/understanding of whether it is a web site or a web application.

A Web Site is a collection of content/information that is presented in an interesting way depending on what the site owner wants to achieve with a visitor. These web sites can be very interactive and dynamic. A Web Application is a web site that performs a specialized task similar to a program running on your computer. The difference is that the program is run and activated when you visit the web page which becomes independent of the visitors resources.

This type of web development appeals to me. Also, I like understanding the whole dynamics of a web site and the Full Stack Web Development training provided me a greater foundation as an introduction to this vast field. I do not proclaim to know everything there is to know about web development. This field is very large, and it is impossible to know all the various technologies it implements. But I recommend the Full Stack option to gain an appropriate grasp as to what web development is about.

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