Fresh Start

I am looking forward to the promise of a new year. I started this journey November 2019. During this time, I have acquired a full range of experiences I look forward to sharing in 2021. The long term goal of my journey is to develop web applications, then use the experience to train other people to do the same. My target audience will be those engineering teachers who want to add web applications to their career portfolio.

Having web application skills added to you portfolio will give you access to other technologies, particularly, the Internet of Things (IoT). I have a google play device in my office and I used it to control the lamp near my desk using voice control. The idea of using voice control to switch devices on and off is not new. This has been a common idea for my engineering project students for years. Adding this functionality into a web application would increase its benefits. Creating a software module that can be used as a “Plugin” to a large scaled existing web interface would be ideal.

In 2021, I will dive more into python and pursuing machine learning and IoT. This will be my special niche skill coupled with my Electrical Engineering Education experience.

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