You Can Do That?

I am still amazed with programming modules. I am currently enrolled in a Python Skills Course with Codecademy. I enrolled in this course to complete my skills as a programmer transitioning from electrical engineering education to web application development. As I progress through the course, somethings I come across a programming feature that surprises me.

For example, a common feature when creating a class is to include a constructor to setup the object during instantiation. I may have forgotten this, but I realize you can call one of the defined functions “within” the class in the constructor. I may have done this before, but this time, I was really cognizant of the process. It allowed the object to be initialized with data when it is created/instantiated by reading values from a local database. This is like turning on a computer and during bootup, it loads up the RAM drive with data from the Hard Drive.

I thought this would have to be done after the object was instantiated. This is very useful, although I am not quite sure how I will use it at this point. Yet, I can see the intrinsic value of this option. Once again, I love programming and look forward to working on my portfolio projects.

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