“It’s Pretty Easy” – Learn “Web Development” Course

I started my web development journey by reviewing Articles and YouTube videos about Web Development. The most common phrase that you see in the online world is “easy”. I am sure the author’s intention is authentic, however, the truth is that these concepts are “not easy”. Maybe this is part of marketing that I will have to learn.

Nowadays, you can find instructions on how to do anything you like. The online community provides a valuable contribution to the information age and the industry of learning. However, if you expect to learn from these videos at the same level as you would a developed course produced by an educator, you will be disappointed.

Education and Training is a well established industry with knowledge about how people learn. To receive proper training on a subject, you must enroll in a course produced by an experience teacher/trainer with some background in education theory. These professionals will deliver the course with concrete learning goals that will be properly measured and verified.

I am grateful for the course offered by Codecademy. For only a fraction of the cost of a regular college or training institute, I have been able to get valuable knowledge on web development. The knowledge that I have received along with my Electrical Engineering background and teaching experience has allowed me to confidently enter the web development industry.

The next time that you are reviewing a training video series on YouTube, Lynda.com, or Udemy, do not become discouraged because the trainer keeps insisting that the subject is easy. These videos are informational. They are not being produced by an experienced Educator. It takes time and effort to learn new subjects. Keep reviewing the topics until you are comfortable and you understand the subject. Trust the learning process needed by the mind to learn new material and you will succeed!

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