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“Serving” up Success

I have completed the “Back-End” modules for Web Development on I am currently on the last module of the curriculum – 14. Test-Driven Development with JavaScript. I expect to finish this module by the end of August 2020. This learning journey has been a challenge. I did not expect the “Web Development Path” to take this long, but I am so glad I did it. I recommend that anyone interested in Web Development should complete both the “Front-End(FE)” and “Back-End(BE)” (Full-Stack) training. However, there are some additional topics I think should be included within this path.

Learning the “Back-End” development gave me a clearer understanding of the entire web development architecture. I have watch many videos and read many articles explaining the web development architecture and process. When I start developing my own projects and become experienced at web development technology, I plan to create some training sessions to share with the web development community. My focus will be on startup web developers with a “C-programming” background.

The visuals provided for web architecture insisted on separating the front end from the back end. The training curriculum isolates those technologies too much. FE-BE should be integrated training, then it should be separated out into modules for deeper concepts and development. Web site package development including a sample FE-BE example from scratch should be the initial training cycle. Followup training should carry the new developer through learning how to use this packages on a web hosting site. It will be more clear to the new web developer the “architecture” from a file system point of view as they learn about the technologies that support web development.

Traditional Images shows the FE on the left side of the internet cloud.

This is not accurate.

Actually the FE and BE are on the right side of the internet cloud

Finally, a web host simulator package that can be downloaded and run on the local computer, complete with web site URL would be ideal to present a very practical experience for the web developer. Then the developer can truly decide what technologies they would like to focus on in their business or career. Truly, web development was the best advice given to me to pursue after my teaching career. As I complete this course, I will continue to offer more advice on what I feel would be useful as a budding web developer.

(Note: I do not recommend hosting a web-site – I recommend using a professional hosting service such as

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