Ravenous “React”ion Review

I have completed the React Ravenous project. It is a guided project, therefore I cannot take credit for its development. This was considered a major project. It was broken down into four parts. There were many “warnings” to the trainee that this project is not expected to be finished in one sitting. I suppose this is how a real project would have to be planned. I was lucky. I happened to be on semester break at this time due to the Corona-19 virus quarantine period.

There were several complex programming concepts demonstrated throughout the process. Well, they seemed complex to me. Here is a summary:

  • The mixing of JavaScript and HTML (JSX) in a single file
  • Using the Array.map() method to render a menu “list” (I noticed this is very common)
  • Using the Array.map() method to render the business “list”
    • I am realizing the extended meaning of list
    • This similar to the extended meaning of table
  • Chaining resolved promise objects and extracting the data for rendering
  • Component Object (Specialized Classes) data exchange
  • Using UI input data (text/selection) to construct a search input
  • Independently used text input and buttons (does not have to be within a form)
  • Programming and managing/handeling three types of events
  • Iterating through an array and extractng the Key: and the Key:Value data separately
  • Seeing the fetch and promise duo object in action within the react construct
    • After seeing how it was used, the complexity of the concept seem to diminish.
    • I look forward to using this feature in future projects.

The course does not focus on developing Web Sites/Pages. They cover parts of it in the HTML/CSS sections, but not to the level that I expected. I will engage Website design in another course offered by Codecademy. I am not disappointed. I am gaining valuable and marketable, training and experience. I will further research to learn where I can freelance these skills. Perhaps my clients will be related to web company developers than end user clients.

Even though the project was guided, I got a sense of fulfillment when it was completed. They did not hold your hand for everything. You had to do research on your own to get through. They did not give you the final solution for part four. In this part, I had a bug I could not solve. I watched the video walk through to find my bug. It was kind of ridiculous once I found it. That is part of the learning process.

Many times I had to backtrack through the course to find some “available” programming test space to try out different coding techniques. It would have been nice to access a separate space on Codecademy and save your work. This development space can used as a “toolbox/sandbox” for revisiting and developing your skills. Here is something you will find useful. These are online code editors. I have not tried it myself, but I plan to try it and provide some feedback. You have to pay a fee if you want to save your work.

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