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Your code is saved on the server at Codecademy. You can take advantage of this feature and start documenting your progress. Later you can download your work and use the comments as reminders about complex programming parts.

I have started to add comments to my code to help me understand complex features of a project. Many times, projects add new elements or complex features to a code that may not have been explicitly covered in the course. Nevertheless, it is very use for the completion of the project.

Until now, I have been taking notes and drawing graphs in my journal. This is very useful for review, but you can add more clarity by writing comments just about the code that you are learning. Also, this may be useful for course feedback, sharing of experiences, and FAQ contributions.

One particular programming feature in the Ravenous Project was the use of the method to generate list items in JSX. When researching the definition, it specifically says that the output of this function will be an array. I have learned that this is not accurate. The correct definition is that it returns the callback function’s results of the iteration for each element in the array. If you want an array, you would have to generate the array some other way. This is why it is so useful for generating all type of list elements in HTML. So far, it has been used to generate menu item lists and search result lists.

Sometimes I wonder if I have reached the level of coding that the industry would consider complex.  I feel like these are complex topics, however, when you look around in the industry, you seem to see way more complex things.  I will put on my Blinders and keep pressing forward.

Happy coding.

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