My Reaction

I am currently in Lesson 10 of the Web Development Curriculum.

As you can see, this is a large module consisting of 18 lessons. I looked forward to getting to this part of the course and my anticipation was rewarded. React is a technique of using preformed classes to construct website “React Components“. I am in the early stages of the lessons, but I am beginning to see the full potential of this framework. This reminds me of my experience with Windows programming using the Component Object Model (COM).

To create all of these wonderful displays and interaction on the web page, you have to divide and conquer the massive about of information and functionality to construct a quality website experience. Companies need this type of infrastructure to assign web development teams to design and produce advanced web systems.

I started constructing visuals that can be used to explain the idea behind React Components to help me understand its behavior. It is complex and convoluted. React is a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript combined to form an organized complete and functional element for web delivery.

I realized that this kind of experience is not for surface web site development. This is production level coding. I would attribute React like programming the operating system for a PC.

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