“Windows” Programming

While working in the UAE, I started a project to learn Visual Basic and Visual C++, both being a very challenging experience. This introduced to me a completely different way of thinking about programming. The programming code was not the real problem, it was the outcome of the programming that was completely different.

Until then, my standard output would be textual data (ASCII) and control codes to operate different types of hardware connected to the computer. When I introduced myself to “Visual” programming, I had to think more about the “display objects” on a computer screen including media, buttons, scrollbars, text boxes, lines, graphs, etc..

This is what I am experiencing with Web Development Programming. In Front-End development you must think about the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX) when developing and rendering your code. You must think about how to “display” the text and the media on the screen. You must also think about the user experience with the website which encompasses text boxes, buttons, images, lines, graphs, etc.

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