Out of the Blue

At the beginning of my journey to become a Web Developer, I purchased a web development bundle (Kyle Prinsloo) recommended by a popular web developer/trainer (Traversy Media) on YouTube. I listened to a few of his videos and I thought he would be a reputable source for my development.

I purchased the package and began sorting through the information. I was pleased with the resource. However, as always, we start this journey at different stages of experience and understanding. This means I had to do some research on my own to fill in the gaps.

While doing research on how to use the portfolio templates the packages offered, I stumbled across a link on the internet with my name referenced to Side Hustle School (Chris Guillebeau) . Last year, I submitted my name to Side Hustle School’s Q&A format for 2020, the year of interaction. To my delight, my Q&A made the cut and I was featured on Episode 1133 of the podcast series.

Please review the episode and give me any feedback about the question and the response from Chris. I think he did a fantastic job with his answer and he has given me the permission to relax and proceed with my development. After all, machines are complex, but people or simple. It all boils down to:

  • Do you have a product people need?
  • Where are these people?
  • How do you get the product/service to these people?

Thank Chris.

For more information on how I have chosen to interact with Side Hustle School, please visit my link below.

Side Hustle Resources

Talent Emerging within Magnolia Manor

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