Project Development

I selected the Web Development Career Path option for Codecademy. This option compiles a list of existing course modules to create this path. I have completed about seven of these modules.

I decided to start building my portfolio. When I first began, I felt like a “deer in headlights“. Although I have learned a great deal of information from the course, I did not know how to start. After some thought, I decided to write out a strategy. Here is the strategy I have decided upon:

  • Search for 20 existing Coffee Shop web sites near my local area.
    • Save them to a folder.
  • Review each listing and write down all the web site components.
    • Group them into categories.
      • Carts
      • Menus
      • Contacts
      • Content
      • Titles
      • Recommendations
      • Forms
      • Calendar of Events
      • Maps
      • Message Bar
      • Gift Card
      • etc.
  • Find a layout that seems the most common.
  • Find a tutorial on You Tube on how to create a simple web site with about three pages.
  • Build that web page from scratch five times.
  • Each time build a new web page, try and customize.

I have learned that repeating a process helps me remember what I have learned. I believe that building real projects is how you will hone your skills in Web Development. When I finish my portfolio, I will publish my experience from the perspective of an educator.

There is a lot of online material out on the internet, but I have learned that most of the content delivery is not geared toward a real practical implementation of the product. A lot of information is being presented to simulate fast execution. Actually this process takes a lot of time.

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