Intermediate JavaScript

I remember feeling like this years ago when I first was exposed to the Microsoft Windows MFC and the COM Object Model, I knew I had reached the end of my comfort zone with C++ programming. That same feeling is present with me now during this module of the Codecademy course.

I am experiencing a profound sense of accomplishment as I continue through the module. The programming features presented by JavaScript is very interesting and clever. However, it is taking me longer to move through the lessons because I am curious about the code that creates these interesting features. If you are taking this course, I would not advise to follow this pattern. Keep going through the course and keep up your momentum.

Many times, I have taken some detours and watched a few YouTube videos to supplement the training. Generally, one source for training will have a few gaps that need to be filled by outside research no matter how comprehensive the course may seem at first. I am happy to do this and would encourage this for others. It keeps everything in perspective and interesting. A few videos every now and then helps ease the rigor of the course.

This is where I will focus when I start my own training programs. Creating about 1-2 support videos around this course would be beneficial. My specially is diagramming concepts. My objective would be to create a relationship matrix so that the student taking the course can visualize the connections between all the parts.

In the intermediate JavaScript section, this is critical. A lot of cool features are introduced. When you are trying to solve a problem, knowing how all the pieces fit together may not be important, as long at it is robust, thoroughly tested, and works. However, this goes against every student’s instinct in learning mode. In learning mode, the most important service you can give the student is the why.

Chicken and Waffles.

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