The Streak Reins

I have learned something about online courses. The completion rate for most online learning material is about 1% to 3%. I read this in an insert from the book titled “The Completed Course”. I can confirm this measurement from my own experience. It took a lot of mental jostling to get myself started on the Web Development course after I returned from the holiday.

However, I managed to start again, and I am proud to say that I am on a 14 day streak. I have learned that posting a daily streak is one of the techniques used to keep people engaged with online learning.

Part of my journey to being a Web Developer includes an online teaching component. I will focus on Engineering and Manufacturing using the theme, “The Small Pocket Pen Project”. I want my online subscribers to be engaged and to be foremost successful in completing the course. I will include this streak technique to help my students stay engaged.

I have finished Six (6) of the Fourteen (14) lessons for the Web Development Course. One thing I noticed is that the course can be long if your are only covering, two or three topics a week. I am currently starting a new semester of teaching at my job and when I get home, I do not feel motivated to get on the computer and do any lessons. However, I have managed to push myself forward and maintain a reasonable pace with the course as evidenced by my streak.

Some of the lessons on html and css that I have completed earlier are beginning to fade because most of the lessons now is focused on JavaScript. After much thought, I decided to start working on my web site portfolio. Based on the knowledge I have gained, I should be able to put together some simple interactive and responsive web pages. I had to accept that they will not be fancy and nearly as advanced as what is currently being published, but the important thing is to get started to maintain what I have learned and to grow with practice. After all, I am a teacher and this is what I would recommend to a student.

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