The Streak

And They Call it the Streak. This was a childhood favorite song of mine. I used to play this again and again. It was one of those songs that allowed you to get into forbidden topics in a legal way.

I have completed my 10 day streak before the holiday season as planned. Tomorrow, I will be flying to Stone Mountain, GA to visit my family. You got a glimpse of them earlier in my blog posts. I will update them on my progress. They are very supportive. I will also get a chance to talk with my son who actually made the recommendation for me to do Web Development – Front End.

The main focus for today’s lesson was “Event” objects. This is taking Object Oriented Programming (OOP) to a level beyond my previous experience. I always considered objects as a thing that has properties and methods. Here, we have classified objects as an action. This proves there are no limits to the application of Objects in modeling real world behavior. More web page events were introduced during this module, along with advanced ways to add and remove them to an HTML element. Basically, an element is an area on the web page that may be blank, contains text, or an image. The most common events are mouse interactions, but there are also many background events we normally do not recognize such as when a web page loads into the browser. These would be considered software events.

I will complete the lessons for the introduction to JavaScript objects, but I will not work on the projects until after my holiday break. This is the time to spend with family and enjoy this wonderful season. I hope you join me in year 2020 to continue this journey of Web Site Development. Until then, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, etc. and of course a Happy New Year!

And They Call It the Streak!

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