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Hello developers and new visitors. Thank you for taking the time to surf my site. This blog is about my journey to become a successful resource for businesses in my local community. I am new to this industry, and I am blogging about my progress from novice to local expert. Thanks for sharing your time with me and I hope this blog will be an inspiration for you to investigate this great opportunity. Please review all the pages on this site to get an idea of my mission.

Using JavaScript to create interactive pages is a familiar experience for me. With my background in Windows programming using C++ and the Component Object Model (COM), I feel right at home with this phase of the course. Although, I have to learn in the web site environment, I think the learning curve is still challenging, but comfortable. I enjoyed completing the Chore Door project on Codecademy. My confidence is steadily growing and I can see my potential in this field. Sometimes I get intimidated with all the technology and skilled people currently doing this kind of work. I have to remind myself, this is how everyone gets started in any endeavor and there is lots of room in the market for me to participate. Please visit my philosophy page and review my comments about the infinite universe.

I am working on a learning framework for improving my web site layout and design skills. I have a background with mechanical drafting, but not graphic arts, although I think there are some overlap in concepts. As mentioned before, I will start with flat, basic design principles and focus on the functionality at the beginning. Then I will gradually review what types of common Web Site Templates are being used for the different types of businesses. I will soon purchase a “development” domain so I can start practicing at the start of 2020 after I complete this current module.

Chore Door Bot mascot used in the Codecademy project. He/She is cute!

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