The Document Object Model (DOM) is the key to allow JavaScript to access the Objects on a web site. The web browser creates a document object from the HTML file and loads it into the computer memory. Once these Objects are created, JavaScript can access them like I have been practicing in the last Codecademy module. This practice has lead me to this point (Everything has a reason). Below I have copied an image from the course that shows you the relationship between HTML and the DOM. It is a brilliant plan to implement code on a web page. Of course this would not have been possible without the historical development of Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

My first project using this technology will be to display my Web Site title in multiple languages using the click of a button. I will give the user the option to select a language based on the 10 countries I have visited in my life. I think this will be an exciting introduction to applying JavaScript to create an interactive experience on a web site.

This Orchid is being cared for by the family for the holidays.

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