Second Chance

My son gave me the initial recommendation on what to pursue as a Side Hustle in the online programming world. Within my teaching career, I focused on mentoring student projects. Sometimes these projects presented the students with some complex programming challenges in which they needed a lot of assistance. In one semester, I supervised and mentored all of the groups in the course (8 groups). I had to understand and track 8 difference programming scenarios on three different programming platforms. As you can imagine, it was a challenge which required lots of support and many late nights problem solving.

This was typical for mentoring student projects. Most of their design solutions involved some kind of programming and their programming skills was not fully developed. Without realizing it, I was gaining a wide range of experiences from these student projects. However, I did not get to the level of actually publishing or commercializing any of these projects. One year, when the internet was relatively new, I started trying my hand at learning HTML. I wanted my students to publish the results of their course projects on the internet. This was a long time ago when we have more flexibility to deliver the course. I enjoyed this experience and was really intrigued by the idea that you can code something with immediate feedback on the computer screen. This lead me down the path to learn Web Site design and Windows programming. The coding language I used was Visual Basic and Visual C++. Over the years, the job workload increased, and unfortunately I abandoned the project (Like many time before). I am regretting with this decision, but now I am back trying to jump back into this area of development.

Nowadays, the internet is full of exciting and interesting technologies to work with and learn. It is interesting that despite all of that advanced technology, you still have to start with the fundamentals, HTML, CSS, and programming (JavaScript). I have started the Codecademy module that teaches you how to use JavaScript to create an interactive web site. This is “Deja Vu”. I remember many of these concepts when I was learning Windows programming. I look forward to going deeper into this feature of web site development. I will have a second chance to be successful and look forward to developing some real useful web sites for my clients.

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