More JavaScript Drills

My eleven day Codecademy Web Development streak attempt has decreased to a ten. Yesterday, I was resting from a wonderful late night with colleagues from work. It was our end of year stress relief night organized by one of the staff. It has been going on for about three years. Each year, we gain more members.

Day one of the ten day streak focuses on creating a “Library” of commonly used text processing functions packaged as the “Lodash ” Library (_.js low dash, get it?). You can think of the Lodash as taking lower level string processing functions and combining them to implement more typical processes needed by text display systems. This project takes a few of the methods() in Lodash and guides you step by step on how each method is developed.

This is inspiring. I will repeat the process and develop a library I think would be useful to the web development community when I finish the course.

Moleskine Notebooks.

This is where I save all the magic!

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