JavaScript Drills

I am in the last part of module five (Pre-Intermediate JavaScript) of the Web Development Path in Codecademy. This module gives you training in understanding and using Objects in JavaScript. I have learning that Objects, Arrays, and Iteration will be heavily used in Web Development. I am not certain how, but a believe it is related to content processing and management. After all, the WWW (World Wide Web) is all about content in its many forms.

Some interesting Array processing challenges included:

  • Sorting array elements in a specific order
  • Searching for data within the array
  • Examining the array and making a decision about its contents
  • Processing and creating new array elements by changing its exiting properties

In this module, they included mini projects and code challenges. This was useful because it forced me to review and remember Object based principles and Array processing techniques. This module presented a challenge for me to get through in terms of concentration and patience. This is the point where the “rubber meets the road“. (for more clever idioms like this, click here) One of my major “Road Blocks” is how easily I can be distracted.

I can imagine how all of these exercises will be useful for Web Development. Every time we click on a button on a web site, some kind of content processing is being performed. It is done “behind the scenes“. For the end user, it seems seamless and natural. I look forward to working both in front and behind the scenes with my Web Development projects.

I signed up for codewars, a platform that provides programming challenges to help practice your skills. When I was presented with my first challenge, I quickly opted out because the challenge was different than my current programming experience, which is related to electronic signal processing. Once I complete this module, I will return back to that resource and start challenging myself. This will help build my confidence for starting my projects and marketing my services.

Last National Day for me in the UAE.

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