“The Room Where it Happens”

I learned the phrase in the title while listening to the stage production “Hamilton“. My family will have the chance to watch this incredible production in April 2020. I am sure they will enjoy the show tremendously. I get excited just listening to the musical on my walks.

Currently, I am learning about objects in JavaScript. Objects are the most powerful part of learning any modern programming language. JavaScript has been highlighted as the fundamental language of Web Development, so here I am, a long life coder of BASIC and C/C++ coder, learning JavaScript’s syntax and special features.

I am near the end of the 5th module. HTML and CSS can be applied almost immediately to create interesting web pages. However, there is quite the learning curve for JavaScript that you must complete before using its features on a web site.

In The next module, I will start applying my JavaScript training to create responsive and interactive web sites. I should be able to reach the module by then end of the week. I have a few more JavaScript projects to complete.

Here are two references that will give you on overview on the benefit of using JavaScript for Web Development. JavaScript puts you “In the Room Where it Happens” as it relates to creating dynamic Web Pages.

Extended Family – Branching Out.

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