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I use SiteGround to host my Blog site. I selected WordPress as my Blog platform. Installing WordPress was easy, but that is NOT the end of your journey to setting up a proper web site. (I can see how my web development services will be invaluable in the future)

The WP Forms plugin comes pre-installed on with your WP site, but it is just a form without function. You need to install or link the results submitted by the form to a mail server. I decided to link my form to the my gmail account. As I understand this technology more, I will write a tutorial on the mechanics of how it works. For now, you can follow the “step-by-step” guide on how to set this up if you have a gmail or gsuite account. I did research one other option – Contact Form 7. You can follow the steps on YouTube.

Click on the link below to access the tutorial for gmail accounts. Please send me an email if your are successful!

WPForms Blog – How to Securely Send WordPress Emails using Gmail.

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