Arrays are a powerful data type used in programming. I suspect that 90% of all complex functions are processed using the array data type. Normally you would need a loop to iterate through an array variable. JavaScript has created these iterator methods that process through the array automatically. As a programmer, you are only responsible for writing the code during iteration. This saves a lot of programming development time.

I have reached the point where I can see the advantages of using JavaScript. I look forward to learning more functionalities of using this fantastic language. I have a few more lessons before I complete this second level of JavaScript. The next module, I will start learning how to use JavaScript to interact with the web page Document Object Model (DOM). Please have a read. This model is the foundation of web site processing using JavaScript.

What I have really learned today is that if you continue to practice working with new technology, you will eventually start to understand. When I started with JavaScript iterators, it was difficulty for me to understand the concept. Slowly, through practice and constant interaction with the coding, I began to gain more insight about it operation.

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