I am learning some of the advanced options available to JavaScript that enhances its language capabilities. This week I will finish the JavaScript module and start applying it to a website. I am excited and looking forward to creating my first portfolio.

I have investing in a package on Web Development from a resource I discovered on YouTube called “Freelancing and Beyond“. The package can be reviewed here. I purchased this package three weeks ago when I started the course. I started to wonder, how do I know if this investment is valid? If you Google Web Development Resources, the number of search results are endless.

I have started reviewing the package. The information seems very practical and useful. Of course only time will tell, once I start applying its principles for myself. I have also signed up as a subscriber to Side Hustle School to give me inspiration along this journey. This resource actually was discovered by my wife, so she gets the credit. She normally does her research very well.

The question of legitimate resources bothered me again, so I decided to pose this question to the Side Hustle School Q and A format starting in 2020 called Ask Chris. Once I get the feedback, I will post it here for all to see. I think it is important to know how other experienced people sifted through the myriad of resources on the internet and how they shortened their learning curve.

My daughter’s collection of branding ideas.

Which design do you think she selected?

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