Changing Brain Cells

I have read that facing challenges is how you grow. Codecademy inserts challenge projects that they recommend completing. It is optional, but I have decided to not miss the opportunity to grow, so I do not skip these challenge projects. During the exercise, I face confusion, discomfort, and frustration, but once I complete the project, I am elated, proud, and confident. Most important, I usually pick up on another skill that I did not have before.

Neurologists declares that when you face challenges, you are actually re-wiring your brain. That is what I hope to accomplish with this course. A new way of thinking about solving problems with a skill set that will be in demand for my future goals. Here is something interesting. The code challenge project helped me with the experience to assist my students with their final project code for their competition tomorrow. If you are on a similar journey with Web Development, keep the faith. This journey will surely start affecting the lives around you. Happy coding.

A branch of the Johnson Family Tree.

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