Calm Before the Storm

I am currently in the second JavaScript module of the Codecademy Web Development Career Path.  I am familiar with the topics.  I have experienced this in the C/C++ programming language.  It is exciting to know that I will have access to JavaScript in my career along with C/C++.  I think this a strong combination of languages.

The next module after this will teach me how to start using JavaScript to create interactive pages.  I have been longing for this part since the start of the path.  Once I finish that module, I can be confident that I will have the fundamental skills to build and customize web sites.  There are still many modules to complete.  I am just at the 25 to 30% part of the series.  My aim is to finish two more modules before the semester break.

Here is a link to Codecademy on YouTube for more information about this online resource.

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