Project Activities

I am making progress through my coursework on Codecademy. Currently, I am in the second stage of CSS styling. This involves color and font. The quality of the words that your are reading now depends in the color (foreground-background) and the font (typeface) I am using. If this is not balanced in the correct way, it will interfere with the message the writer is trying to convey.

This content is situated within blocks on the page. It is similar to having a lined graph paper when you begin to write a report. However, just imagine the variations that can be applied to these lines. Also, there are “invisible” lines that you can adjust to align your text inside the blocks. Below is a screenshot of this “invisible” box.

Content Block

One of my favorite tools for developing course material for my classes is using lined centimeter graph paper. Some of the best lined paper is the Engineering Ruled paper commonly used in Engineering programs. Although we use the computer to develop and enhance our communication of ideas, we can never replace the block sub-rule to help organize our initial ideas. The DOC (document object model) for developing rich and engaging web pages starts with layout and content. Without the box model, this can be extremely difficult. I am happy that I am learning to be a Web Developer with this technology.

The rest of the J-B family with Granddaughter.