Last night, I got a chance to learn more about my colleague’s engineering experience. He specialized in camera sensors for imaging systems such as X-rays, telescopes, and satellites. As you would guess, these are very advanced system requiring advanced complex technologies. He is also owner of a company where he is attempting to launch new products to the UAE market. He even had a camera sensor with him as a demo item to show potential clients. It was amazing.

After about an hour of listening to my college share his experience as a design engineer, I begin to get that sinking feeling of envy. This happens when your mind takes you on a journey of comparing your life experience with other people. I once had dreams of being a dynamic engineer earlier in my engineering career. I had everything planned out. I even identified a specially that I felt few people would be knowledgeable about that would give me an edge in the industry. Of course that path never came to reality. Here I am working at a technical institute as a faculty never reaching my full engineering potential. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Well, that it all a trick of the mind. Do not get caught in this false world of comparing your life directly with others. Although comparisons are useful concepts for machines and systems, it is not appropriate when applied to humans. We are ALL unique individuals with special roles to contribute to this world. We are special with our on capacities, skills, and contributions to our society. Once I stop comparing myself with my colleague and started to look at my own life, it turns out that I have made significant contributions that I am very grateful and proud of. My next contribution will be to this wonderful world of the internet.

I chose Web Development after evaluating my own personal skills and experience. I also wanted something very flexible so I can continue to travel and not be tied to a specific location to earn income. Even though I chose this for personal reasons, in the end, my efforts will contribute to this technology and society in a positive way. I look forward to this outcome. Remember, you are unique and your contributions are valuable, as long as you are honest and passionate with your services.

Traveling speaks to the soul.

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