Convoluted Training

I am in the industry of education and “training”. I have taught a lot of courses to a lot of adult students of different ages and backgrounds. In my line of work it is normal to use a curriculum that is established by an educational committee for that field. Sometimes I wonder if they have ever have taking a course on how the human mind works.

Too many times I have seen curriculum that start with the “fundamentals”. However, most students will get bored before they get through this stage of the learning cycle for their field. I would recommend taking an overall spacial view of the field in the beginning. Get them actually building something simple from start to finish. I think most educators underestimate the power of accomplishing a simple task to a new learner.

I am currently enrolled in the Codecademy program of training. I have really enjoyed the lessons thus far. However, I must admit, it seems to follow the same pattern as most traditional curriculum, learning the fundamentals first before developing and applying skills to accomplish completed simple tasks. I am in lesson four where we begin to talk about layout code for a web page. Seems like that should have been the first subject covered in the curriculum. I plan to take a small section of this wonderful course and create a scaled downed version for YouTube. Stay tuned.

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