My Introduction to Web Development Design

Last week I enrolled in a course on Codecademy to learn about web development. I must admit, I am overwhelmed and a little intimidated by the vastness of this area, but I am determined to break into the market of being an independent web developer.

I have a vast store of untapped programming and coding experience throughout my 22 to 25 years of teaching engineering, presenting ideas, and mentoring student projects. Now, is the perfect time for me to try and use this experience to generate income by following a digital content marketing model.

My plans for income will evolve into three channels.

Channel One: Basic survival income with a local job as an instructor at a community/technical college.

Channel Two: Remote development of Web Technologies including Web Pages, Web Forms, and Data Analytics.

Channel Three: Digital Content that can be sold as courses online. Channel Three is the residual side of the income generation.

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